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Led Robot Dancers​

Led Robot Dancers

The Future of Entertainment

At KS Entertainment, we bring you the latest in cutting-edge technology that guarantees an instant ‘WOW’ factor—our state-of-the-art LED Robot characters.

Whether you require a solo performer, a dynamic duo, or an impressive trio, our LED Robot characters are more than just a welcoming presence; they are a captivating spectacle that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Our customizable screens serve as a dynamic tool to guide your guests to the bar or bring any image to life, adding a touch of innovation to your event.

These unique Light-up Robots are not merely performers; they are show-stopping acts that can grace the stage, command the podium, or gracefully navigate through the crowd, adding a futuristic and mesmerizing element to your event.

We offer fully choreographed shows for solo, duo, and trio performances, which include breathtaking dance routines and an array of high-end LED equipment.

Rest assured, our LED Robots arrive fully charged and ready to electrify your event with their spellbinding performance. The future of entertainment has arrived, and it starts with Kindled Spirits Entertainment.

Led Robot
Led Robot Dancers​
Duo & trio Led Robot Dancers​
stage performance Led Robot Dancers​

Robot Dance Workshop

For Community Events, we extend our range of services by offering an engaging add-on to our duo or trio stage performances: the Robot Dance Workshop.

This unique opportunity allows children to learn the art of robot walking and join BeatBot & GlitchBot in an interactive experience.

Customisable Screens

Our integrated screens, seamlessly incorporated into the robot’s body, offer a versatile canvas for displaying your customized text.

Introduce your guests to a silent yet eloquent LED Robot—a visual spectacle that communicates without uttering a word, as the mesmerizing interplay of lights and text effectively conveys your message

Roving Robot Dancers

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