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Illuminate Your Event

With a wealth of experience in creating luminous moments, Kindled Spirits proudly incorporates cutting-edge LED glow props into their artistry.

Our LED Hula Hoop dancers are poised to mesmerize your esteemed guests, transforming your event into a radiant spectacle.

Distinguished by their ultra-bright LEDs, these performers command attention on stage, at the podium, or as they gracefully traverse the crowd.

Elevate your event further by inquiring about our innovative programmable LED shows, designed to take your event to new heights.

Secure your booking of these exceptional glow performers today and let them illuminate your night!

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Visual Display

With Kindled Spirits, you can expect a professional and unforgettable event experience that sets you apart from the rest.

Let us help you illuminate your brand and make a lasting impact with our mesmerizing LED Programmable shows. 

We arrive fully charged for your entertainment!

Smart Led Equipment

Kindled Spirits takes your event to the next level with cutting-edge LED Programmable shows.

Our team specializes in providing customizable options to elevate your event experience, allowing you to showcase your logo, event name, or sponsors in a dazzling display of lights and creativity.


Elevate your event with us today!

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